The Way to Stay competitive in an Age of global supply chains

Among the most crucial by-products of globalization is a global pool of possible providers and clients. For Canadian entrepreneurs, management of worldwide distribution chains is becoming more and more critical for competitiveness.
Free trade and the Web have enabled many companies to utilize providers around the globe. Because of this, savvy supply chain management is now an integral element in enhancing productivity and overall competitiveness.
Along with clever supply chain management, entrepreneurs also require a worldwide competitive"value proposition."
To put it differently, your value proposition is the way you distinguish yourself in the industry. Oftentimes, this value will probably emerge from blending things like customer assistance, logistical support, data systems and product branding.
So as to have the ability to move up the value chain, you have to invest in intangible assets like knowledgeand skills and innovation.
Canada, in contrast, has under-invested in intangible assets like technology systems, advanced technology, management coaching and procedure re-engineering. While bigger businesses are investing in these for a certain time, it is critical that entrepreneurs follow suit and make the investments that they should be successful in the current market.

Differentiate Your Business

The very first thing to do to boost your competitive positioning would be to see your company from four distinct axes-supply chain, R&D and invention, production, and sales and marketing. Quite a few differentiation approaches are possible for every axis.

Here are a Couple of practical hints for entrepreneurs:

- Learn how others in your business are innovating;
- update customer connection systems;
- invest in worker training and product development;
- decrease delivery lead-time by enhancing your procedures;
- invest into a promotion strategy and reevaluate your production model.
Entrepreneurs can use a BDC specialist to analyze how their business can be innovative. BDC also provides business loans to encourage these investments.
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Plans at-a-glance

A company can fortify its position with distinction approaches in four major regions: Supply chain, R&D and invention, production, and sales and marketing.
Supply series
- Adopt a"just-in-time" method to inventory
- Boost your info systems
- Outsource certain parts
- Create a delivery plan centered on rate of delivery
R&D and innovation
- Continually enhance technological know-how
- Create new research-intensive goods
- Be on the watch for new tendencies shield and patent your new technologies
- Review company procedures
- Invest in productivity and constant progress
- Customize creation with brief runs
- Create specialized goods
- Outsource the mass manufacturing of high-volume or low-added-value products.
Marketing and earnings
- Build your advertising
- Boost product-related solutions
- Boost your supply system
- Create and Increase the capacities of your sales force
- Explore new markets

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