Membership Benefits

FP Angels allows its Investor Members to see curated, screened and vetted deals and make their own investment decisions. By joining FP Angels, members are allowed the opportunity to diversify their angel portfolio by investing in a number of companies.

FP Angels provides an online and in-person forum for Investors to network, share deals and invest with other high-net-worth individuals.

FP Angels provides members access to our Angel Investor Classes, giving both seasoned and novice investors the most current strategies in term sheet development, negotiation, valuation, due diligence and best practices in angel investing. Additionally, FP Angels members are offered discounted rates to attend some of the leading venture conferences around the country.

FP Angels provides a unique and proprietary source of vetted and screened deals through its extensive network of Venture Capital Funds and Angel Groups around the country.

FP Angels will provide unique opportunities to invest in emerging companies. We have established a goal that each of our members should invest a minimum of $25,000 in FP Angels deals each year. Deal sourcing, due diligence, deal negotiation and monitoring are performed by a committee of members with the help and guidance of our experienced team.

Meetings are scheduled monthly and members can participate virtually. Members can watch company presentations, ask questions and interact with fellow members. After meetings, committees will be formed to pursue each opportunity.

Retreats are offered around the US where members (and their families) can register to attend these exclusive events for a few days of networking, education, company presentations and relaxation.

FP Angels is a professionally managed Angel Group with a full-time staff to coordinate member meetings, entrepreneur presentations and follow-up, investment coordination, legal management, term sheet negotiation, educational seminars, due diligence, deal screening and quarterly networking retreats and activities.

Membership fees are $2,400 per year. FP Angels is open to Accredited Investors only. (See the SEC's definition of an Accredited Investor .)

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