FP Angels is a great place to see deals and network with other investors, but we want to make sure we maximize our potential for high returns on our investments. One of our top priorities is Investor Education. We want our members to be well versed on the topic of Angel Investing. This includes everything from the basics to current trends.

At each of our quarterly retreats we will bring in guest speakers to deliver keynote presentations and hold panel discussions covering the full spectrum of the investor ecosystem; every step in the Investment process. We will bring in full-time Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists, Private Equity, Corporate Investors and M&A; Specialists to bring everyone up to speed on current trends; both new investors and seasoned Angels.

Members will also have the opportunity to register for full-day, highly interactive angel boot camp seminars where they will learn the intricate details, techniques and strategies in effective angel investing, portfolio management and the exit process. We have arranged for this full-immersion boot camp to be offered to our members at a highly discounted rate off the regular registration cost. This includes:

What do all of the terms mean? We will discuss negotiating final terms that are beneficial to the entrepreneur and the Angel, terms that protect Angels in future rounds, etc.

What the benefits are of different classes of stock; e.g., equity, convertible notes. What the benefits are to an investor who invests in one class as opposed to another.

Once the initial "cool" factor is noted, there is a lot under the hood that can make or break a company. We will discuss the best ways to do quality research on an early-stage company.

What makes a good and fair valuation? We will discuss the pros and cons of raising and lowering a valuation depending on the stage of the company, previous investors, future investors and how it relates to a profitable exit.

Writing a check is the easy part - getting a return on your investment is the goal! We will discuss the "how," "when" and "who" when it comes to selling a company.

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