Who should Apply as an Entrepreneur?

Not every company is right for FP Angels. Our interests need to be aligned in order to make sure we have a successful working relationship and expectations both before, during and after the investment.

FP Angels invests in the technology sectors, which include, among others: Mobile, Healthcare IT, Web-Enabled Services, SaaS, Advertising Tech, Fashion Tech, Enterprise Software, Fin-Tech, Medical Devices and Consumer Technologies.

Seed- to early-stage deals are considered for FP Angels. However, at a minimum, your company must have proof of concept, a working version of your technology and initial customer traction.

FP Angels is not an angel or venture investment fund. Rather, it is an engine that allows our members to make individual investment decisions in an efficient, collaborative-based approach. Investments typically range from $50,000 - $500,000 per deal. A total round size not to exceed $3M-$5M is preferred. FP Angels prefers pre-money valuations under $5M-$7M.

Must be a US-based Corporation

Entrepreneur should have domain knowledge of its industry and market, customer landscape, the size of its addressable market, and demonstrate that there is an opportunity to grow within the industry.

We look for domain expertise in your industry and strong leadership skills. We are not just investing in your company, we are investing in your ability to run and grow a successful company.

Though we don't expect every company to go public or be purchased by Google or Amazon in 4 years, your company should have that potential. Our members invest to get a return on their investment. If you have a stable but slow-growth business, family store or other small business that you expect to pass down to future generations of your family, we are not a good fit for you.

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